ETK Personal Items – Guangzhou


Especially suitable for transporting food, health products, maternal and infant products, toys, watches, small household appliances, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, and bags into the country

*Tax system reference: adopt personal postal tax rate
1. Information requirements: Order information: brand + product name + model/specification/origin.
2. Recipient information: real recipient name (name corresponding to ID number)
Phone number and address; the name of the recipient under one master order cannot be repeated. (Include name, address, phone number)
3. Category requirements: suitable for personal use; contraband items cannot be shipped.
4. The first weight less than 1KG will be charged as 1KG, and the additional weight will be charged as 0.5KG, up to 3Kg.
5. Tax = duty-paid price * personal postage rate (three levels). If the tax is less than RMB50, it will be exempted; if the tax is greater than RMB50, it will be collected.
6. The duty-paid price tax rate is divided into three levels (13%/20%/50%).
7. Billing method: single ticket billing.
8. The delivery time is about 5-7 working days.
9. Yeahyeah Express Ltd. will not be held liable for any delivery delays.
10. Yeahyeah Express Ltd. reserves the right to change the services and terms without prior notice.
11. The above delivery time is for reference only.
12. In case of any dispute, Yeahyeah Express Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.

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